JOB OFFER | Frigo Driver in Holland
We’re on the lookout for motivated and experienced frigo drivers! In this exciting role, you’ll mainly be driving in Holland, transporting dairy products, cheese, vegetables, and chicken from factories to warehouses and distribution centers.
You’ll sleep in the truck throughout the week, ensuring efficient transportation. During the weekends, you can enjoy a well-deserved rest at one of our houses. This job offers the opportunity to work good hours, allowing you to earn a decent weekly salary.
We’re seeking motivated and experienced drivers with a CE license for this position. Additionally, proficiency in English is required to effectively communicate.
Join our team of frigo drivers and embark on a rewarding career in Holland! Apply now and be part of the world of refrigerated transport.
Apply immediately:
+31(0)6 111 665 52
☎ +31 (0)524 – 87 01 15

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